BOTW 2012 Kill Reel Amazing Long Range Shots

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
[ame=]BOTW 2012 Kill Reel Amazing Long Range Shots - YouTube[/ame]
Tired of watching stuff dragging it's self around with a broken back, wish they'd put a second round in them before starting the party!
Nice compilation. Since I know the BOTW read here I'm going to offer a suggestion. It would be very helpful if they spent more time talking about things other than the Huskemaw scopes. Knowing the caliber, load, bullet etc and wind conditions would make the show much more educational and would take up very little time.

That could all be explained in thirty seconds or less.
interesting but would of like more info like wildrose said on conditions caliber with bullet and velocity. Would make it way more interesting for someone new like me.

Also on that last shot with that moose. Why are there 2 empty cases on your bag. Curious.

But its some fantastic shooting for sure but I would like more of the education with these shows. IMHO

Great shots but actually I was the high speed camera operator (slo mo) that shot the falcon (her name was Tanya) in that opening video graphic! How cool! This is the first I've seen it after it was edited. We shot it at a small studio here in Las Vegas!

Robert Starling
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