Bottom Metal Question


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Jun 13, 2018
Central PA
So, I have an long/mag bolt face action that is cut for aics mag on the bottom. However, this will be a hunting rifle and I don’t want a big detachable mag hanging off it. I also have a stock cut for bdl bottom metal, so I want to do a bdl bottom metal with a wyatts box. Is this possible? Has anyone done it?

I have searched on here and other hunting/shooting sites and can’t seem to find a straight answer. Plenty of info for going from bdl to aics, but not the other way around.
Bottom of your action looks like this?

It appears the feed lips are flat bottom leading one to believe you could install a box magazine, but without having it in my hand I can’t say for sure. What make action?
Ok, I have not done any Bergara work. I have heard and read the guy at Wyatts is good to deal with, you might give them a call and see if they have ran into your situation. I do have a few wyatts magnum boxes here I could measure for you to see it they fit your cut out. Do you know which box magazine you want to use?
The opening is 3.8” as it sits, could be opened up to 3.95” with minimal machining in the back of the cut
the SAAMI drawing shows the 28 Nosler to have a OAL of 3.4". Certainly a 3.8" box would suffice. If the rifle was originally a .300 Win Mag, the rails will need to be opened to accommodate the fatter 28 Nosler case. A center feed mag may be a good option. Wyatts makes those (for the Rem 700) ya' know. It may work in your Bergara. Wyatts can answer that for you witth a simple phone call.
Look at the H.S. Precision box magazine setups. Somewhat pricey but perfect for the 28 Nosler shooting VLDs. They are almost flush with the bottom.