Tikka T3x bottom metal question


Mar 18, 2023
Mount Pleasant, Pa.
There are several different bottom metal options available for the Tikka T3x. Currently, I am looking at the Lumley and the High Desert version. The Lumley has a larger bearing surface for their square shoulder action screws. The High Desert has less bearing surface for the screw head to tighten against. A lot of the available action screws for the Tikka have tapered heads and unless the hole in the bottom metal is tapered will only bear against the edge of the holes. My question; is there any real benefit to the larger bearing surface with square headed screws? Thank you
I think its irrelevant unless you add some pillars, and once you do that it doesn't really matter. I like to make my pillars proud on the bottom so they come into full contact with the factory metal washers, which are recessed into the plastic.