Bore lube


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Sep 14, 2009
Northwest Ohio
I was cleaning my muzzleloader the other day after a week of great hunting. ( Better than being at work.) Getting ready to lube the barrel for storage and was wondering if the same lube I use for my ML can work in my other guns, ie, centerfires and rimfires. When I get done shooting my guns, they always go to the cleaning station. Even if they are going to be shot the next weekend. And they always great a patch of Hoppe's Gun oil ran down the bore. After a week of sitting upright in the gun safe, I see some oil down by the trigger where it has ran down the barrel.

The lube I use for my ML is made by Thompson Center and it is a thicker lube than the Hoppes oil. So it won't run down the barrel.

Plus, when I go to shooting one of my rifles again, I always run a solvent patch and dry patch to get any oil out of the barrel.

So, what do you guys think? Can this thicker lube be used?