Bondo on the stock


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Jul 30, 2009
SW Missouri
I'm doing a Stevens build up and am going to reuse the stock for now. In Jerry Teo's article on the budget lr rifle he used bondo on the stock. Has anyone done this? How does it hold up? Would fiberglass be tougher?
I have a 17HMR that I pack around all summer gopher hunting, and It does have bondo on the stock. I built up the palm swell on it, then used cheap walmart bedliner in a rattle can to coat the stock. Five years with no problems.
I used the JB Weld that comes in a putty stick and it worked great for a palm swell and a build up on the cheek peice, I shot dry wall screws into the stock to anchor the putty. Worked well till I got a deal on a B&C Medalist.
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