BOG-POD Tripod ?


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Dec 4, 2011
Anyone using the new BOG-POD BOS HD-3 tripod? Application is walking farm fields hunting groundhogs going out at most 200 yards. Just wondering if this tripod is heavy. Rifle is a field 223 with a heavier barrel. These are small farms, 40-80 acres.

Of course any input regarding tripods, bipods or shooting sticks is appreciated. I had been shooting off a portable bench with a friend but I want to start walking.
I purchased an Ultrec unit after comparing a few different brands including BogPod, Primos Trigger Stick and others. The Ultrec is lighter and doesn't give up anything that I could find - other than ounces:

quick change sticks, pro hunter sticks, shooting sticks, ball head, grip action ball head, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WI

They also came out with a new one in carbon fiber which is even lighter:

quick change sticks, pro hunter sticks, shooting sticks, ball head, grip action ball head, Wisconsin, WI

I had a chance to see it at the SHOT Show last month, and I'd buy one if I had need of another.
The Bog-Pod is fine and the changeable head feature is nice too. Are you considering the Xtreme (XSR) tripod head? I also have a set of Stoney Point 3-legged tall sticks which are lighter but a little less stable. Either works fine for hogs IMO.

I can't attest to this product specifically, but $220 for a 3.5lb aluminum tripod seems like rape to me.

I'd source a cheap photographic carbon fiber tripod w/ballhead. Something like this:

Dolica Proline 60" Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head Bundle ZX600B103

Then cobble a similar rifle-cupping v-bracket from materials at your local Home Depot and attach it to the quick-release plate on the ballhead.

You will have a lighter, better support and a v-bracket "custom fitted" (by you!) for your rifle for less $ and better performance.
Thanks guys.

I was just going to go with the regular head.

And it is a heck of a lot of money.
Consider the Caldwell "Dead Shot field Pod". I've been using several of them for the last year. I packed one when I flew out to Utah for Paririe Dogs and it was excellent out to 350yds. I carry one calling Coyotes also.
It's lightweight and really steady. Only sells for around $100 also.
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