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Discussion in 'Rifles, Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics' started by rost495, Sep 9, 2004.

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  1. rost495

    rost495 Well-Known Member

    Nov 11, 2003
    Please put this where it belongs if I'm in the wrong group.

    I'm back into MZ rifles. Have a new Encore in 45. Shooting sabot bullets about 190-200 grains. 777 powder loose 3F. I can't find the way to test pressure. IE I see folks using up to 150 grains(volume) Others say accuracy falls off after 100, Hodgdon says they set no max, then show 100 and say something about not exceeding max???? Others shoot 3 pellets(150 grains volume).

    My issue is the gun is most accurate at 150 grains so far. And its quite a bit flatter from appearances. Impacts move about 8-12 inches higher from 100-150. I've not shot beyond 100 yet with the best group being 1 inch so far. And still ahve 2 premium bullets to test before moving back to 300.

    I just don't want to blow up the gun etc... Am primed by 25 ACP casees and Rem 7.5 primers but you can't tell anything from the primers at all.

    All help appreciated.

  2. KurtB

    KurtB Well-Known Member

    Feb 11, 2004
    Jeff, I shoot 777 ff in my 54. It seems to generate higher pressures than pyrodex of equal volume amounts. My unscientific opinion is that 150 grains of fff is pushing the envelope. You unfortunately won't get a sticky bolt or flattened primers with your Encore muzzleloader vs a centerfire. I would try hard to find a bullet that performs well in the 120 to 140 grain charges. Some degree of margin would be preferred from a safety standpoint. Have you tried the Precision Rifle muzzleloading bullets? They grouped great for me. Good luck, Kurt
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey their Jeff , here are som comforting factors.
    The Encore frame is very strong and in 45 cal
    you have a nice thick barrel to contain the pressure , I have an Encore in 300Win that I run some pretty hot loads through , I can prettymuch assure that you won't be geting anywhere near those pressures with the proper blackpowder at logical amounts.

    I to have a 45cal barrel from BullBerry and have run up to 165grs of 777 out of it but accuracy was not their , it shoots best with the bullets I use 130grs of loose 777 or 100grs of Pyrodex pellets.
    I know two guys that shoot three-50gr 777pellets and one-30gr 777pellet in their Encore 50cal's , they shoot 245gr aero tip powerbelts..

    NOW , I'm not saying to keep creeping up on the powder just that if your their now and don't have any ill effects then you should be fine but remember if you cange projectiles !! AT ALL !! , back off the charge.
    I would think that the velocity younr getting
    should be plenty fast enough to serve your purpose.
    P.S. I use the 225gr 45cal HP powerbelt and it works great on deer and big hogs.