Black powder tubes


Dec 17, 2015
I was wondering how long you can leave the tubes loaded with black powder. I have a few and thought about weighing out my charges but I don't want to weigh them and then have to dump them back in the bottle if I don't use them. Can you leave the powder in them for a week??
Most tubes seal really well. I shoot T7 pellets (rifle requirement) and everyone knows how pellets can suck up moisture.
I use Lane's tubes. They have screw on tops and seal completely, keeping all moisture out. I have 100 tubes loaded at all times and for months. I have no moisture issues with propellant. Because I shoot pellets, I load a bullet and sabot in the tube first (nose down) then 3 pellets and screw on the top. Its an all-in-one for the setup for my Ultimate BP Xpress.

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