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Apr 21, 2003
North Bend, Oregon
I just put one on my new rifle. Other than being really big and heavy it sees things that my 6.5-20 Leupolds can't. What scope would do the same things in a smaller package?

It's even bright at night. When I turn it down to the same power as any of my other 10 Leupolds it's brighter. They are all 40mm objective lenses where this BD is 50mm and a 30mm tube. I used Burris Signature rings and put 10 minutes under the rear for more elevation. When I had it on my 25-06AI Ruger I could smoke pop cans at 600 yards. I took it of because it was to big for that rifle. It fits this one a lot better size wise. I like using it for evaluating different rifles accuracy. What are your opinions of this scope?

I have not used the 8x32 version but I have used the 6-24 BD on my 50 BMG alot and it has taken a beating over the years.

There have been more then a few heads bounced off its eye piece.

Recently noticed the eye piece was loose so I need to send it back to Burris to get fixed.

This I am sure due to forheads more than anything. The scope has always been very clear and accurate on the 50 BMG shooting many groups in the 7" range at 1000 yards and busting rocks at more then twice that range.

They are great scopes for the money, much better then the Burris Signature Select scopes in my opinion.

Good Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)
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