Big Game Hunters' Advantage

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    Jan 24, 2014
    As a dedicated outdoor enthusiast with a passion for hunting big game, you should be equipped with the best optical equipment that will give you the clear advantage.

    Fraser Optics has been engineering advanced optical equipment for the military and law enforcement agencies since 1972. For the first time, Fraser Optics is reaching out to the hunting community and offering you the same military grade, lightweight, gyro-stabilized products!

    Fraser Optics STEDI-EYE® Technology removes up to 98% of image motion caused by hand or platform movement, allowing you to quickly lock in on your target.

    Check out the specifications/features of our Monolite and Bylite at Optics Planet!

    Fraser Optics Stedi-eye Monolite Marine 14x40mm Monocular FREE S&H 07002-400-1-C, 07002-400-1-P, 07002-400-1-S. Fraser Optics Monoculars.

    Fraser Optics Stedi-Eye 14x40 Bylite Gyro Stabilized Binocular FREE S&H 07001-200-1-P, 07001-200-1-C, 07001-200-1-B. Fraser Optics Binoculars.

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    I would need a loan and then I would be afraid to use them...