Better update on the "Warbird"

Allen Vinyard

May 3, 2001
Levelland, TX
Hello guys, I sent another email, a bit more to the point about my rifle to my smith and I received a reply this morning. Seems as though there was a machine failure in the shop that set my rifle back about a month and it and one other are the first ones to be finished now that the machine is repaired. I really like this guy, there seems to be no dishonesty to him and he is a very pleasant and knowledgeable person to talk to. Perhaps it has been too long to wait but that could also indicate how much in demand he is. I should be seeing this rifle soon. Hey Darryl, read my last post on the "warbird update" and let me know where we missed each other.

We didn't miss each other.

I was refering to the normal cartridge loading most shooters have to do to find the correct load for their new rifle.

What I meant about the shooter doing his part was, it's up to the shooter to hone his loading and shooting skills with ANY new rifle.

Someone can take the most accurate rifle in the world that has been loaded by someone else and still not shoot it to it's potential. The shooter is a very important part of the ingrediant. The loading is also equally important.

Take care and good luck with the new rifle.
Hope the long wait was worth it.

Darryl Cassel
Hey Daryll,
Yes, I think we may have missed one another or we may be saying the same thing only differently. On the "let's introduce ourselves thread,"I presented myself as a know nothing wannabe that was here to learn. Perhaps that in itself was unclear. It was meant to mean that I am not experienced in the longrange game but that is not to mean that I do not understand load development and experimentation with all of the associated case prep and primer sorting, 1 tenth grain differences in powder charges, seating depth, etc etc that goes with it, to develop the most accurate or powerful or whatever load I can. I have been loading for everything I shoot, pistol, rifle and shotgun for 30 years or so and have burned plenty of gunpowder trying to shave a tenth or a hundredth of an inch off of a 10 shot group. This new rifle will receive no less than that. While its been some time since I've had the opportunity to burn several hundred rounds in several rifles over a days shooting and practicing, I have done just that in the past and will do so again in the future. Certainly, I don't plan to grab up this rifle and a "box of shells" and go blasting away at an elk at 6 or 700 yard away. I'll probably burn out the barrel before that chance comes around but I will have worked extensively to develop the most accurate round I can in this new rifle and I will have practiced until I know exactly what I am capable of. I also mentioned that this is the first truly "custom" rifle that I have ever had built but it doesn't mean that I haven't dealt with "semi" customs before, and I've had several that shot quite well.
No one will load for or shoot this rifle but me, (well maybe my 14 year old son if he can handle the recoil)

I'll let everyone know how this rifle works out and how load development goes. There is very little available on this cartridge except what Lazzeroni offers. One other thing, this rifle is not being built for the extreme long range game, ie 900 or 1000 yards. It is primarily being built for hunting in the mountains of Colorado and will be carried a lot. I'll have to build another one for the longer ranges. (Dammit momma gonna kill me
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