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Feb 8, 2013
The biggest issue with Shimano reels is not the product but the support. I have an FA Stella I can no longer buy parts for readily. Shimano will upgrade a product and 5 years later will discontinue making parts for the older version. If you have an older repair shop they may have parts for you. Other than that you will now have like in my case a 1000 dollar paperweight. I have 2 80's that I can no longer service. These were the original beast masters not the new electrics of today. Penn still makes the parts for stuff I was handed down from my grandfather. VS was that way before zebco parent bought them but since the parts are still very similar you can cross-reference the newest to the older stuff seamlessly.
The only reason for the reply was yesterday the last Shimano I own/use broke on a nice striped bass for a client. Cost him at least a mid-forty-pound fish. That set up was used just for snagging bait and the bass ate the snagged bait. Had it been on one of the VS or Cabo's he would have had a better shot.
I received my replacement handle from yesterday . This may help you find parts for your Stella. It did take 3 + weeks for it to arrive but it was the only source I could find who had the part. Hope this helps

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Dec 1, 2014
I am boatless and require an enormous amount of spinning gear to keep my kids fishing on family beach trips. I have a fully disassembled Battle 2 in a Plastic tray box that I cannot figure out how to properly grease and put back together. Every Battle that I have owned has taken a dump on me. I have multiple Spinfisher reels that are hanging in there. I have finally figured out that it is sand and full submersions in saltwater that are wrecking my spinning reels. In particular, the fine “sugar” sand of the Northern FL Gulf Beaches. I have had recent luck with Diawa BG reels. I would buy nicer reels but fear that they would meet the same fate as moderately priced reels. One day I will have a saltwater boat. When this happens I will invest in high quality spinning reels. Until then I am convinced that there is no reasonable way to keep a kid, of any age, from getting sand in a reel. Kids also cannot help themselves from submerging a reel in saltwater, regardless of the fishing situation. Realize that this is a departure from the original post and a specialized application, but my point is that all moderately priced saltwater spinning reels are fallible. Not sure about the fancy ones as I have never had the courage to risk the purchase of any. If I am allowed to saltwater fish on my own, I almost always use a fly rod. My main saltwater fly reels are Tibor reels that I bought over 20 years ago. They never have let me down.
This is the forte of the Van Stahl reels. They are very well sealed up Zeebaas is the other that is great. Zeebaas is the founder of VS after his 5yr non compete clause was completed. He improved the few things VS was weak in.
I am a huge fan of the fewer parts to break method of building things

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