Berger 25-06 load up

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  1. backyardsniper

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    Oct 9, 2009
    I have found myself with an excess of time as of late so i have completed my 308 project savage 110 fcp-k load 44 gr varget with 178 amax win brass cci br2. I have also had time to complete my 300 win mag build and find a successful very sub moa load for it 76 gr h1000 rws brass fed 215 and berger 210. Now I am ready to tread into unfamiliar waters. I usually stay in the 30 cal neighborhood, but i have a savage 111 long-range hunter in 25-06 It will be a go to long range whitetail rifle. It has a ziess 3.5-10 with the z-600 reticle. I will be using win brass and berger 115 vlds unless someone has a better suggestionbullet wise, and and powder and load suggestions Any good info on this would be appreciated. The next project will be a savage 12 long range precision in 260 "for the wife to shoot " you know. I am thinking about the vortex pst 4-16 or 6-24 with the ffp but i have no experience with this brand but i hear good things, anyone with any first hand experience please weigh in.
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    Jan 10, 2008
    I have never tried the Berger in my 25-06. I have never had any problems killing deer with the 117 Sierra. My rifle likes the flat base Pro Hunter over the BT Game King but that is just my rifle. Two standard loads for the 25-06 with the 117 are 49 grs IMR 4350, I use Rem cases, CCI 250 primers and get 3000 fps from 26" tube. Another standard load for 117 gr is 52 grs H-4831, CCI-BR2 primer. These are long proven deer killing in their tracks just about as far as you can see one loads. Good luck and good shooting.
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    Aug 15, 2009
    My 25-06 likes 52gr IMR4350, Mag primer and Nosler 100gr Ballistic tip.
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    Nov 3, 2008
    My 25-06 likes 52.8grns of IMR 4831. As far as the glass... I own a Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44. I really like the scope. Customer service is great with any questions you may have. Check out the website and watch some of the video's on the LRBC. When I can afford it, the PST will be my next Vortex unless I get into some money then it will be a Razor.

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    Feb 7, 2005
    Not sure how far your talking on range, but I used the 115gr Partition almost exclusively for deer and any other critter that I chose to pick off out to 400+yds.

    I worked up to the max load for RL-22 listed for the 117gr bullets in Hornady's 4th edition. This load lit with Winchester WLR primers was one fo the most accurate loads I ever shot from this rifle only excelled by the 100gr Ballistic Tip and 52.5grs of IMR-4831. .

    I purchased a box of the Bergers, but never shot more than about 10 of them. I really just didn't see the need. After hunting with this rifle for close to a decade, my daughter and I got to fighting over it every opening weekend so I finally gave in and cleaned it up and gave it to her as an early Christmas present. Just before this I had picked up a box of the 110gr AB's, just to see how they shot. While sighting in the rifle with the new scope I loaded 5 of them up with the same load as the 115's and never even changed the seater. I simply dumped the powder, seated them, and shot for a group. We could tell I hit the target set at 200yds, but we had to ride out to actually see that they were simply one ragged hole.

    Since then she has used it to reach out and drop several nice deer, and my grandson even got his first buck with it as well as a doe the next weekend.

    We had it out not long ago and here is the result of that,

    The biggest issue I have with using C&C bullets with this caliber, is working up a load for something at 250 - 300yds and having it come out at 30. IT is what it is and thrives on speed, so I picked the Partition and it never let me down even on close shots. The 110gr is a bit destructive even though it's "bonded", I personally would have reservations on a very close shot with it running at 3300fps. Right now the load mentioned above is pushing it at 3250 which is still trucking right along, but on the grandsons buck at 100yds it performed flawlessly.

    In my experience with my rifle and several friends chambered for it we have found it hard to beat RL-22 for both accuracy and velocity. That said thee are a couple of newer powders out which might just whoop the pants off it, but I will keep to the ol sayin "if it ain't broke"..