Benchmark goes Nitride. Carrying new match bullet

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Caliber Inches: .243
    Weight, grains: 117.0
    Core Density, lb/ci-in: 0.4097
    Core Weight, grains: 83.0
    Jacket Density, lb/ci-in: 0.32
    Jacket weight, lb/ci-in: 34.0
    Ogive Radius, calibers: 13.0
    Meplat Diameter, inches: 0.07
    BC (static): 0.6502

    I received a call today from Benchmark barrels regarding an upcoming moose hunt. I learned during the call that they have started offering Nitriding to their customers.
    Not only that, they are driving across the border into Canada and building up a supply of Matrix bullets.

    Some of the guys are shooting these bullets and they will flatout bughole. Actual B.C. shooting tests have been conducted and the B.C. are right on what is advertised. They shoot best .010-.020 off the lands! Price looks quite good for a precision bullet.

    I was advised that they are more interested at this time in the small caliber bullets and are a bit enemic in their selection of 338 and larger diameter bullets. They (Benchmark) recommend Cutting Edge bullets for the larger calibers.

    Just information: They are also Carbon WRAPPING THEIR BLANKS TO DECREASE THE WEIGHT. a TYPICAL 1.250 BLANKS IF MEMORY SERVES ME is 8 pounds. A wrapped 26" barrel 1.250 is 3 pounds some oz.