I can’t and won’t say it matters or that I would ever notice but I think marine Tex is easy to work with so from my standpoint I might as well use it. I don’t have any rifles that will shoot in the zeros.
Devcon is great. Marine Tex has been shown to shrink the least over time in several long term tests. Cody how are you cleaning up after? That is very clean.
Thank you. I use a dremmel with a router attachment, and a lot of patience. Some of the places I use an attachment on the dremmel that allows a little more precision work, but that is only free hand, no router attachment.
I have two Weatherby Mark Vs (270 WM and 340 WM) bedded into McMillan stocks with Acraglas Gel over 10 years ago. I've not noticed any dimensional changes that have resulted in loss of accuracy. FWIW. JM
Devcon AL putty for me. I've previously posted the specs important to to me, and the links to where to get all of those specs from the Devcon page in a thread on release agents. It shrinks a little more than the steel putty, but it is stronger than it too.
Search the couple previous threads on this topic. There is one particular video where the guy really seems to know what he's doing (he's acknowledged as a real expert in the field & I wish that I could recall his name). I personally do it differently than he does because I want the pillars to maintain the vertical positioning, but his method seems robust.
Devcon is good. Arc glass from brownells is good. heck I’ve used JB weld on smaller jobs and been happy.

One thing I’ll tell u is to do a test sample on release agents.
RE: Pro Bed, do they publish any shrinkage or strength specifications? I could not find any with just a few minutes worth of looking. It looks like a good product, but without numbers there's no way to quantify where this product exceeds or lags Devcon in particular.
Hey @ntsqd, I'd shoot off an e-mail to Charley Robertson and ask about the data you are seeking (shrinkage/strength specs.)
[email protected]
It's a small shop so he'll probably reply to you directly (himself.) So far, I've been really pleased with the product, but I know you are of an 'engineering' mind and need data, so give him a shout and see what he can share with you.
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