Bedding Sickness!


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Oct 4, 2006
Oregon City, OR
Nothing like going to bed with a gun sitting on the bench being bedded and wondering if it will come apart when you wake up!

I hate that feeling when you just don't know.

For those that do it all the time, Dose it get easier to sleep at night?

Let yall know in the AM if I have a glue in or not!

I hear ya...good luck. Thee is no telling how many times I was out in the shop between 2 and 4 AM unsticking one. It gets much easier.
They have pills for that condition........

They also make freezers and mallets for, oh holey good squat, did I bend the barrel syndrome.

Pure faith is knowing the release agent will work. Stick with that one.:)

It came free with a little persuasion from a mallet!!!

I got up at 3 am to make sure the bolts were not stuck. Every thing turned out much better than the first time I tired it.
The next one I do I'm getting up early and bedding it so I can pop it out later in the day and don't have to worry about it while trying to sleep.:)
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