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Oct 30, 2012
Forum I have hunted hogs in AL, GA, TN, MI and soon to be Cali with mathew mcgrough on the coastal plains in February. I am a hog nut and hang em on my wall. I don't care if they are fenced or free range I like trophies and meat is nice too. Hit me with your best spot, guide, ranch, etc etc i can look into hunting. I don't care for 200lb black Texas hogs. Just bc there is a lot of doesn't make the hunt cool. I like big blacks but some Oreos, big Reds, or big spots are all fun for wall character! I will be more than happy to reciprocate in the discussion!
I use to live in Sheveport La and I was talking to a friend.He told me that there are a lot of hogs down there now.There are so many its easy to get one.I would check there.Good luck!
I don't own the land I hunt ,I'm a guest. As for suggestions on where to hunt try S.C. particularly the lower areas of the state where the rivers and swamps eventually empty into the Savanaha River. There are a few different colors but most are black with that reddish streak down the center of their back. Don't know for sure but I've heard from more than a few Ol'Timers that black russian's were brought in by rich men to hunt for a dog sport many years ago. I tend to believe it ,due to their build,color, big cutters and BAD attitude. There's alot of ads for hog/deer hunting in lwr.S.C. Once you get here on a pay hunt you'll meet some farmers that will let you hunt off season(deer) for hogs for free or for a small fee. Look at some maps ,you'll see the areas I'm talking about. Good luck Paul
Have to recommend hog heaven in Labelle Florida. Ive been there several times always good. Last year we got 56 pigs in three days. He has free range and pen.. he also just recently added more land for bow. Headed back next month for a slaughter.

also you must tell use your favorite, I'm also a hog junkie and always looking for new spots.
They are all over Florida. I have been lucky and been able to hunt a great peice of property. I killed 13 in one day. A group of us killed in the 30s in an afternoon hunt. I dont think you need to travel to far in the sunshine state to be covered up in hogs.


If I may ask, where in FL? I live in Port St Lucie ( south FL ). Been looking, not particularly interested in fenced type, not much luck free range.

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