Bear rifle model


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Jun 29, 2021
That's a darn good round for you one and only. I have a 375 Bee on a P64/70. Accurate bugger for sure and plenty capable. Honestly though, I prefer my 338/06 on a G33/40. Less recoil, more rounds in the belly and did I say less recoil...:)
Last night I watched BM & clients take 4 large Kodiaks one over 10.5 feet, big bear. They do not go into much detail about guns but what ever this client had was big. The bear was well hit 4 or 5 times before he went down. I am sure many bears have gone down with far less but the good Ole .375 be it a Bee or an H&H is the better tool for this operation and I am sure this client who had already been bluff charged on this same trip was not thinking about recoil.