Beam scale problem


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Jan 4, 2010
Helena, MT
I have an old Redding scale (brown) that has an oil well to dampen the beam. I did not fill the well. I was trickling powder into it for a pistol load (5gn's) and the beam pointer seem to be magnatized in the down positions. I would bump the pointer up and it would fly up showing my pan had too much powder. The beam was zeroed out before starting. Any thoughts?

Clean the pivots and bearings with alcohol. Redding can probably recommend an oil for the damping. There are those who favor that scale because it isn't encumbered with magnetic damping.
The bearings in my M5 (Ohaus) float in their retainers, and the beam has a lot of latitude forward and backward. It comes to rest on a piece of the scale body that tends to bring the pointer outward. It has the same tendency as yours with pistol (6 gr) measures. It tends to hold before releasing. I had thought that it was magnetic stiction until I looked closer and saw that it was due to binding in the pivots. I can't say that you are experiencing the same thing as these are two different scales, but we do know that yours isn't caused by magnet.
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I have one of the older (brown) Redding oil scales, I'll drag it out and try to duplicate your problem; maybe I can see something that might help you. I know they do have to be on a four way level surface, or they'll stick and act like there magnetized. As scales go, they were, or I should say'..., is one of the best and most accurate beam scales out there. As for oil, I've used a light oil like what they use for sewing machines it seems to work just fine.
I have the same problem with mine and the well leaks oil. E-mailed redding there sugestions were use water insted of oil (easier to clean up) or use nothing at all,The scale must be level all ways,or there is a burr at the pivot as to being worn out.when asked if this was covered under the lifetime warrentee was told live with it or buy new.
So I live with it it`s way more accurite than a digital scale I bought a few years ago.I just have to rember to tap the beam every once in a while.
Sounds like you need to buy a new scale.

Even if you find the problem you will never trust it again and there are some great beam
and digital scales available.

I think my bench is not level as it tilts towards me. I think I will repostition my scale and try again. Thanks everyone for the great insight.
Mystery solved. My bench was a little off level front to back and having the scale facing me was causing some binding and that what was causing it to be stuck down. Turned the scale 90 degrees and no sticking.

Thanks again.
I thought that might be the problem from your post; glad you flat now. Have fun.
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