BAT adds and removes CheyTac support

ELR Researcher

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Aug 11, 2009
BAT now lists a "CT" model single-shot action with 338 LM and CheyTac bolt faces. Other than for the bolt face, the only apparent difference from the model M, which is no longer offered with a CheyTac bolt face, is the larger barrel thread, 1.187x16 vs 1.125x16. The CT is the smallest and lightest offering from BAT to support cartridges based on CheyTac brass - followed up the chain by the L and the EX.

Regrettably BAT still does not offer a repeater model for the CheyTac. With the fairly recent withdrawal of Defiance from the CheyTac-capable repeater space, BAT appears (IMHO) to have missed an opportunity to jump in.

The CT is not listed on the main action product page. The configurator page is the only place I found with any info (via hover text).
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