Bases for Savage 110 ultralite bases and rings


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Oct 25, 2017
Hey guys. I am looking for some input on which bases to use. I have an Ultralite in 6.5 PRC that I am going to use primarily for hunting but if it shoots well enough for some distance work. I am going to mount a Leupold VX-5HD 3X15X44 on it. I have looked at Warne Maxima 2 piece bases and horizontal rings. My concern is I have heard there may be some issues with getting enough eye relief with this scope due to the distance between the turret and the back of the bell. If this is the case, what rail should I go with and should it be a 20 moa rail?

Also, does anyone have any experience or thoughts on the rings?
Running any scope with a short mounting surface, generally a picatinny base with pic rail rings are the best bet. The pic base only adds a couple of ounces of weight, but they provide a bunch of mounting flexibility.

For sure you'd need a set of 30mm Low Ultra-Light Tactical scope rings too.