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Feb 9, 2013
The only time I used Badger Ordnance steel rings and one piece base it left ring marks on an XTRII, the rear bottom of both rings was a little high and very sharp. They were mounted with a lapping bar in them and didn't seem to bind. I figured I didn't need to lap them. Although they should line up when tightened it appears both rings were pointing a little bit down and the rear of each saddle bit into the scope tube. It was also the only time I didn't lap the rings, at ~$400 I shouldn't have to.

On another note I have seen 3 scopes sheer off the #6 screws in their bases this year. One a .338 Edge in a lead sled, one was dropped, the 3rd was broken off when the owner opened his soft case, so it happened in transport in the truck somehow. I had only seen one my whole life up until now. I have since converted my Edge and two RUMs to #8 screws. It's pretty easy to do if you're handy at that sort of thing. You don't need a machine shop. Practice on something else first though.

I usually use EGW as well.
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