Base Question

Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
I put twenty minute bases on a wide range of rifles and scope combinations and haven't had any problems - matter of fact I just switched a two-piece base with a 20 minute one piece base and the scope zeroed significantly lower at 100 yards and almost dead center for windage (this was with a Badger Ord.).
We shoot a lot of .308 rifles, and you will need about 40 minutes to get out to 1000 yards. I doubt that you will have any problem zeroing that Leupold and you should have some latitude left at the top so that you are not at the end of your adjustment range (that is a bad situation).
Good luck, the Ken Farrell mount is a very nicely machined base.
I am planning on buying a Ken Farrell base and a Leupold Vari-X III 4.5X14X40 for my 308. If I get the 20MOA base taper, will I be able to get a 100 yd zero?(I am new, so please bare with me) If I go without any taper, how much adjustments do you think I will have? Thanks
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