Barrel vise


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May 30, 2020
I threw away my old reloading bench and started used the Hobo Freight woodworking wood bench. It works well but is certainly not heavy duty.

I needed to swap barrels on my Savage Striker and could not figure a way to secure my barrel vise. I did not want to mount it to my HF bench and I didn’t want to spend a lot on a vise mount.

I ended up bolting the barrel vise to a HF grinder stand. It didn’t work, the torque bent the top metal. So, I cut two pieces of scrap plywood and bolted that and the vise to it. It worked great, I was able to easily remove the barrel nut without any movement of the barrel or stand. Even though I clamped onto the barrel farther from the end than I liked just due to how I mounted the vise.

Just an idea for those with limited space and equipment.

See here for pics: Barrel vise mount click here