Barrel swaps


LRH Team Member
Jan 26, 2021
pineville ,la.
Get you a copy of “the complete illustrated guide to precision rifle barrel fitting” by John Hinnant. Lots of good info about tools required and techniques.

Then go over to and where they have gunsmith forums. Read all you can. I’ve read over 100 pages of threads at one and dozens more at the other. Most every question has already been asked and good people like shortgrass have/will answer questions. Read, read, read while you’re waiting to get into gunsmithing school.

If you find yourself hooked on doing your own rifle work (like I am) be warned that it gets expensive. I started by putting a factory 270 barrel on my Rem 700 that had a worn out 30-06 barrel on it. Then I did some remage barrels. Now I buy barrel blanks, contour them, chambered and fit to my receivers that I square up myself. I have $15-20k wrapped in a lathe, tooling, etc.

i have a new rem 700 barrel in 30-06 i bought a few yrs ago , and have no use for ,make me a fair offer and pay shipping and its yours if interested

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