Barrel length/weight VS. Action stress


Aug 28, 2002
Lincoln, NE
I have a 19/223 that I am working with currently. My first home gunsmithing project, and I hope to use some of what I learn here when I build my LR rig. As a switch barrel, it might actually end up BEING my LR rig. Depending on a couple things. But for now a question.

Ok, this is a stainless PacNor. It starts at 1.055 diameter thread exension, makes a little jump to 1 1/16 inches, then tapers to .875ish over a length of 26 inches.

I am building it on a Savage action.

I would like to free-float this, but I am concerned about action stress/flex. Bedding a short distance under the barrel could help this, I am told.

So is there a rule of thumb as to how long/heavy I can go without bedding under the barrel, or going to an external bedding block?

Also, how can I tell if an action is actually flexing under barrel load?

Some rookie questions, I know. Please help.
Thank You.

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