Barrel heat


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Mar 25, 2007
This is something that we had never noticed since we do not switch bullets, but I have now had a few customers point it out to me. What they have pointed out is significantly less barrel heat when using Hammer Bullets compared to whatever they were using before. The lesser baring surface of our PDR design would be what is responsible for this. Barrel life increase with different bullets or coatings etc, is a difficult thing to quantify. We have always felt that Hammer Bullets were easier on the rifle bore but because of the difficulty in proving this, have never really pushed it.

After having several customers notice a cooler barrel when switching over to Hammer Bullets, I figured it is worth mentioning as a significant benefit. When shooting a string of 3 or 4 shots and having a significantly cooler barrel compared to the bullet that they had been shooting previously, and to notice this unintentionally is means the barrel is staying a lot cooler. A cooler barrel when shooting has great implications.

I have not taken a barrel and shot it out with brand x bullets and documented round count then done the same with Hammer Bullets. I don't think we ever will. We do not ever want to make any claims that are not forthright but we feel pretty comfortable in saying that Hammer Bullets cause less barrel heat.

Super easy to load, highly accurate and the list goes on. Remember we offer a satisfaction guarantee with Hammer Bullets.