Barrel block Technology


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May 9, 2001
I need information on building a barrel block. A friend of mine bought a stock that is inletted for a block. He then bought a piece of stainless steel. The barrel is a 1.25 blank. I plan on drilling and reaming the block but need to know how much clearance is required between block and barrel. Also, isn't the normal procedure to use epoxy and set screws to hold the barrel in place or can just epoxy be used? The bottom of the block will be ground for flatness and then have tapped holes put in to be mounted in the stock. Any insight on this project would appreciated as my only experience is seeing a few around the 1,000 yard club.
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I use Loctite serial 600 ( very strong ) I bore two dia very close to the diameter of the barrel each side ( lenght 1/8 inch ) by this way I get a perfect centering ( to allow to get equal thickness of loctite each side ) and between these two surfaces I make a rought boring to help Loctite to glue .

barrel surface are sand blasting before to put Loctite .

I prefer use full bore unsplited in carbon steel lenght 6 inch to 8 inch( ground flat on the bottom ) with a electroless nickel coating to prevent rust .this block are easy to make and not too costly to built .

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Thanks fellas. I was given some other information in which the block has o-ring grooves at each end. The o-rings hold the barrel exactly in the center of the block. Then, there is a vent hole in the bottom and also another hole for pumping in the epoxy. The epoxy is pumped in around the barrel and the air pushed out the vent. This way seems the best but is getting pretty involved. Looks like my work is cut out and waiting. Should be fun trying anyways.
I talked to my smith about it also and he spoke of using an aluminum block and just boring the hole, milling the multiple recoil lugs into the bottom of it, drilling the holes in the bottom for retaining it in the stock and epoxying in the barrel. Length and look of the top are all your desire.

Using steel would just take longer milling but help with building weight into the rifle though. He said it's really very simple to make and bed in. Nitro Gun Works (907)376-5261 and ask for Dave.
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