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Jul 18, 2004
I recently purchased a couple boxes of 7mm Wby cartridges from Weatherby, and the boxes are labeled only Barnes X. Does anyone know if these are Barnes X, Barnes XLC, or Triple Shock?

Also, I've heard of accuracy issues with Barnes X bullets? Can anyone shed any light on this? Are they ill suited as target rounds but for hunting, where a 3-4 inch group at 200 yds is acceptable, they're OK? And finally, how many of these all copper rounds can I fire before I need to give my barrel a thorough cleaning.

Thanks in advance for any info.
I have not shot any of the Barnes 7mm bulets but I have shot a number in the 308 diamiter. The accuracy depends on the rifle. It seems that the solid coper creats a differnt pressure in many guns. The triple shock was created to deal with some of these issues. Weatherby loads the regular X bullet. I have used the XLC and found that starting with a clean barel I would go 25 rounds or so before any drop in accurace and that was from powder rather than copper. The barnes salvent worked well for cleaning it.
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