Me too please, I should make it down to the show. Just slap Sam Forbes on the tag.

I think it's a hybred, part URL and part e-mail address.

It's comforting though, I'd rather watch a video from a shooter and non-computer geek than a computer geek that shoots. Wait a minute....that kinda hurt.

These things kinda come to me. Notice the use of UPPER CASE LETTER except for the part to switch to lower case to type the URL/e-mail and then the continuation until a new sentence was started. Then all caps again...

I think I'm gonna like this guy. High probability he spends more time shooting and making video than being a cyber junkie.


No offense mean't, just chatting and goofing off. I'm afraid I spend way too much time on the computer and would rather be a little more non-computer.

See you at the show, tell Bobby to save me a chair (make sure you mention it to Wally too so Bobby will remember!).

[ 01-31-2002: Message edited by: Dave King ]
Hey Dave I appreciate it!

When I get home I'll get into my old e-mails and take care of it that way..

How about some video specifics, shooters, rifles, cartridges, etc.

Dave and ROTR.I got my copy last night.And I've watched it four time's already.Even tho I'd seen everything that was on it before it was put together.It's VERY good.And no he does'nt spend much time on line.He has been a member of this forum for a while and has only posted two time's.That's why I had people e-mail me their name's and I just gave them to him....
Don't you know that MK's and A-MAX's are target bullet's?When are people gonna learn.LoL............Butch I am watching it right now.For the 5th time.Can I get another one from you when this one wear's out??????Later.....
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