Barnes 285 gr 338


Jan 31, 2005
Was thinking someone on here might have some experience with these 285 grain triple shock bt bullets. Currently using 300 smk,but they do alot of damage. I have had good luck with 225 triple shock's in the past,just thinking the 285 would have a better bc.
I am intetested in this as well being a California resident and not being able to use lead in certain areas.Anyone know the BC on these.How would they shoot out of a 1- 10 twist 338 AX. Would appreciate any info on these as I also am going to use 300 SMK but would like to be able to shoot the Barnes 285 when needed.

I'm digging this one out of the archives, but I'm curious if anybody has had any luck with this since 2010? 285 TSX out of a 338 RUM. Will be shooting at elk with them.
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