Barnes 175gr Match Burner .308 Win.

In winchester cases work up to a max (hodgdon's max) charge of Varget... 45 grains. Work from 42 grains... it'll deliver, if rifle and shooter are up to the task. :)
I have Lapua, Fed GMM and Hornady Match brass so I will probably use one of those. Barnes recommends 4895 for their 180gr bullets which I also have along with Varget. I will try Varget, but I wonder if a slower burning powder like 380, 4350, Retumbo and the like would be in order. What think ye?
the Federal brass is soft, and thick... I wouldn't use that for this load.

I like IMR 4895 in the .308, it's one of the better powders. In Lapua brass with a 175 grain bullet you'll find the OCW node at 42.2 grains--in all likelihood...

With the Varget in Lapua... work carefully to 44.7 grains. That'll give a little more velocity than the 4895 load, but may or may not be as accurate.

CCI primers work well with Varget, as do Federal 210's... I like Federal 210's or match primers with the 4895.

Good luck... let us know what you find.

Thanks for the info. I moly coated the bullets today so I'll load them tomorrow. Maybe shoot them Tuesday weather permitting.
Moly coating is going to change things... the charge weights I mention are for plain copper jacketed bullets.
You'll be working up to those charge, of course.

It's likely that the accuracy nodes will be a bit higher on the powder scale than what I mentioned.

The 45 grain Varget charge is Hodgdon's max... and it's a "healthy" max at that. There's another node around 43 grains (42.8 in Lapua brass)... which may work out to be in the low 43's with the moly. Maybe that would be the better choice if using Varget.

For the 4895... mid 42's with moly... and that's still well under max according to Hodgdon.

Then maybe I'll begin with IMR 4895. Bullet obturation with these solids also causes a pressure spike, I wonder if the addition of moly will negate that. So maybe begin with 42.5 to 44.0 in .5gr increases?
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