Ballistics Program ??


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Jul 16, 2005
Hey guys, I am getting ready to buy a ballistics program. Which one should I get: Sierra, Nightforce, ect. Can you guys give me some info. I own Nightforce scopes, so I was thinking of going with their ballsitics program. Any help would be great.
I have the Nightforce version of Exball and can not fathom a better program to go along with a Nightforce scope. With the Ballistic reticle analisis you will be set for any info needed
If you want to analyze reticles, try the reloader's archive. It utilizes the NF NPR2, NF MIL-DOT, NF NP1RR as well as quite a few other popular versions. Below is an example. Coming soon, NPR1 and the MLR.


If you got to my web site (the link below) you can see more screen shots and download a trial.
+1 on reloaders archive. I have used it for a few weeks now and love it. It does a whole lot more than analyze reticles and calculate ballitics too which is a big plus. The programer has also worked with me quite a bit as well entertaining ideas and fixing little issues. You wont get that level of 1 on 1 time anywhere else. I appreciate being able to store load data, pictures, calculate ballistics, use an asortment of calculators, calculate averages over a long period of time, calculate a new zero for new conditions, spin drift values, and optimize the use of my several differant reticles all in 1 program. Upgrades are also very reasonably priced and he has some updates that are free. You wont be dissapointed.

There was a problem that cause the program to freeze up, but he sent me a patch and it has been flawless ever scince.
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