Ballistic software


Dec 29, 2007
Scotland, UK
So being fairly new to LR shooting i wanted to get a ballistic programe to help with bullet drop. I have an 8.5-25 leupold with BDC. So what programme do you advice?.

I was thinking of something like the Sierra prog were i can make up a bullet drop chart at home and have it in my pocket when out shooting. If this makes sence ? I was looking at the sierra but wasnt sure if there was a better version out there ?.
I have the Sierra program at home on the puter, but much prefer Exbal on the PPC as it goes wherever I go and as such can change with the environtmental conditions, something very important to long range shooting. A program on your computer will print out a drop chart that may or may not be accurate (have to real world test it), but if it is accurate, will only be so for a given set of environmental conditions (temp, baro pressure/altitude, etc.). In other words, your drop chart may work one day and not the next. I will say that for what you are asking for, the Sierra program has matched exactly the output on Exbal for the shooting I'm doing with the 240g Sierra Matchking bullet out past 1K, so hopefully it would be right on for you, again given a specific set of environmental condtions. It's the changing environmental conditions that make bullet drop compensators (BDC's) and untested drop charts a bit of a joke, in my opinion. They will work and are more easily 'understood', but clicking target knobs should be much more precise. Good luck.
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