Ballistic AE-Windage spin drift issues?


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Jan 3, 2013
Northern Idaho
So I bought a new iPhone 6 and had to buy the Ballistic AE since the Shooter app will not interface with the new iPhone 6 but I still use my old Evo 4G for running the shooter app and the data from that is spot on.

The Ballistic AE windage is way off even if I put in "Zero wind", and Yes I've put in the twist rate (1:8) and turned both Calculate Spin Drift-On and tried it off/on as well as tried the Windage is Zeroed on/off and yet the data is way off when using the HUD compared to my Shooter app running on my old Android system on another phone. (Yes the load/gun was tested and the windage is wrong and only gets worse the further out you shoot-850 yards).

So what's the deal, I got on to the Ballistic AE website and for the life of me I can't get it to match my gun, another app that's been perfect for 2 years, even with zero wind at 6 O'Clock or 12 O'Clock the further out in distance it shows the windage grows +Left way too much.

Anyone using the Ballistic AE App and knows how to use it and correct the issue I'm having please offer your advice.

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