Backyard hunting


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Sep 28, 2009
Folks, I live in Western Washington, deep in the country. I have a few acres, and over the last several years cleared a large area. It is beautiful green area with a handful of trees remaining and has a wild grass covering that I mow and use as a golf short shot practice area.

It of course attracts lots of animals. On any given week I have multiple deer, and an elk or two. Have also spotted bobcat, coyote, have had 1 cougar and several bear sightings and racoons coming out of my ears.

So I have a nice little animal area.

I am not a hunter yet. I grew up with what we call "Sears guns", ie Dad bought a handful of rifles and pistols we would go up in the woods and shoot cans and stumps and that's about it, although we snuck in some gun and hunter safety classes. I did go hunting once unsuccessfully.

So life happens and I always wanted to get into guns but never got around to it. Earlier this year my brother did and we ended up taking some shooting classes and the fire was lit. We have several guns that have been around forever that are quite usable and we are getting into it.

So my question is this. If you were me would you just sit in the back yard and shoot animals or would that take all the thrill out of it?
I should mention that another side benefit is hours of dryfiring on non-objecting targets. I really like it. :)
I think I'm very envious of your backyard!

I haven't much to contribute to this conversation as I am new to the sport, myself. (In practice atleast, not theory)
Sounds like my backyard, I just spooked 2 whitetails a few hours ago feeding right next to the house. a few days ago 3 or more coyotes were howling just 150 yards away.

I hunt my yard every year, during gun season at least 10 deer run through a day. That is why I wanted something that would shoot further then my shotgun, I missed many 150 yard opportunities from not having a legal hunting firearm that could shoot that far.

I mainly hunt for meat so the closer to home the better.
I have several deer hanging out in my back yard, eating my hay. I don't normally hunt them but they do make excellant training grounds for my grandkids. Not just deer but turkeys too.
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