Backpack rifle hunt gear list and heater


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Oct 19, 2010
Does anyone have a backpack list in can you as a starting point? One with weights wound help but I will take any help.

Also. Is there a propane heater that will burn at 8-9k without problem. Plan is to use in morning and before bed but not to sleep with it on.

I haven't weighed mine out, but my 7 day pack consists of,

-Clothes (warm and cold weather)
No matter what hunt in doing, if it's archery in December, or rifle deer in late October, I'm bringing warm and cold gear. Reason being, if a frost comes through I like having the warm clothes for sleeping. And if I get hot in my sleeping bag, I can strip down to a shirt and my thermals. During the hunt mid day glassing the weather can be either or. Also its nice to have a few change of clothes in case you get wet. I also bring a pair of socks for every two days.

-kenetrek mountain extreme 400 boots

-sleeping bag 0 degree slumberjack boundary
Get a pack with a sleeping bag pocket or compression bag for your bag (4lbs)

-Mystery ranch Marshall pack

-water purification
-food (up to you) I go light and easy. Try to anyways. (Jerky, mountain house, elect)
-multiple knives
-pack saw
-trekking poles
-rope/para cord
-dry pouch for my phone/license/wallet
-game bags
-tent (4season)
Also. Is there a propane heater that will burn at 8-9k without problem.
Get one of these. Have had the same one for ~20 years. They weigh nothing and put out a solid 10~15K. AND you can cook on it! It will heat a tent - the way you plan on using it for 2 1/2days - one bottle of propane and that includes cooking. I always tied it to my pack on the outside with it wrapped in a plastic bag. Need to carry a couple propane bottles in and out, but it's worth it. Think you could get 2 bottles to last five days, if just used morning and evening. Have used it for a couple weeks, more than once, inside a tent with a propane tank and a hose run outside the tent.
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