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Feb 12, 2009
anyone have gear list that they use for a backpack hunt?

I am working on my own but figure there are things i have not thought of. this is my first DIY Elk hunt.

Heres one i put together to pack for a dall sheep hunt in alaska. i never did revise it, it always gets me close enough that i don't forget any of the important stuff. just add, stove, fuel, tent, food etc if your going solo. if you need any of the abreviations de-coded, let me know :-D


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Depends on how long your going to be out. The best Tolet Paper money can buy and a way to keep it dry is first and foremost. Decent tent, air mat, sleeping bag, freeze dried food, protein bars, water purifier, pocket rocket stove and cook wear as well as fuel can or two, rain gear, knife, lighter, compass, topo and trail map, maybe handgun, ammo, game calls if needed, extra pair of socks and underwear, garbage bag. The rest depends on wear I'm going. Lighter the better, but you still need fire, shelter, food, and water. A garbage bag is a very versitle and very lightweight item that is a must. When you put your mind to it, it can be used for all kinds of things. Sometimes some aluminum foil is nice to have for cooking, but it just depends.
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