Average Deer at Our Camp


Sep 14, 2009
Biloxi, MS


Got lucky with that one. It was spooked and ran towards the shooting house from across bayou. I couldn't believe how big the g2's were when I went to help my dad load onto the 4-wheeler. It was shot at about 20 yards running up the slope to bayou.


This is the average size deer at our club.


That is the last one I have pic of on this pc and is of a family friend.

I have had no luck with bucks at the camp as of yet, but I have a monster I've been keeping track of waiting for the chance.
That first one is a real nice deer for south MS

I got a photo of one with some nice tines about an hour north of you in PIke County.

That is a nice one too. These were taken up in Port Gibson, MS. It's hard to find nice white tail down here considering how hunted they are. They just changed the laws for legal bucks so that will help a lot. I hated that 4 pt law they had before, so many young bucks being harvested before getting any good size to them.
Those are nice looking bucks, specially the first one. I liked its tall and big g2´s.
Thanks for posting.
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