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Jan 13, 2003
In another thread,
I asked about opinions on a long range caliber. it seemed the general concensus was that I would be better off sticking with a .308 diameter bullet and going up in weight. I am going to be getting a new rifle for just this purpose. Out of the factory senderos available in ultra mag calibers, would you still say get the .308 diameter, (300 ultra) instead of a 338 or 375?
Sorry to ask so many questions, I just want to be sure Im getting the best factory gun for the task at hand!
I have a 300 Ultra on order... I went with the 30 cal. based on the fact that the bullet selectiion is outstanding. With the 338 or 375 your limited, very limited.

I plan on using the 175 gr SMK, 200 SMK, 220, SMK and of course the 240 SMK. But the A-maxs are very good performers and I have had awesome results with the 168 Nosler J4. In my .308. O utta the 300 Ultra.. it should be like a lazer to 500 yards.
I am having this gun built for 1K shooting and my primary bullets will be the 220 and 240....

just my .02
My vote goes to the 300 Ultra too, very flat and plenty of energy.

The 338 Ultra will do just fine too, bullet selection is better with the 30 though.
I would think a 300 Way or 300 Win would do the job out past 1000 but if you want more power the 338 300g SMK will work.The 338 is limited to one bullet with good BC I use the 300g SMK. I would do a custom barrel 30 in with a 10 twist for ether cartridge with a muzzle brake. You may have a action that will work have it trued I would get a stock that will accommodate a larger in diameter barrel and have one built.
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