You are not enough.

It will take a lot more then a discourage video to get me down. I will never let anybody convince me that I’m not enough. I have fought for this country and have defended jack wagons like this. I will encourage anybody that they are enough and that nobody can hold them down. Be proud of who you are an know that nothing can stand in your way. I will put fear in fear itself and make it get the H E L L out of the way. It can move on its own or I’ll make it move. Fear is not a option, it’s a choice. I choose No Fear. Stay positive and keep moving forward. Stand together as one and we can achieve the impossible.
Thank you for your service sir!!

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to others, you do not need to watch this, think of it as a podcast / audio.
I had mine playing on speaker this morning while driving. Just finished listening a second time while doing some coding.
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Just like Tesla who was a great inventor but a bad communicator.
To follow-up on this post, Greg is a top notch and very generous guy. He is well known on other shooting forums I frequent.

I’m not sure what this video is about, but he has the best primer seater on the market.

Give him the benefit of the doubt and a little grace here. He is good people.