Archer PDA


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Feb 4, 2009
Just wanted to pass this on. A company here in little Logan Utah, Juniper Systems, makes a PDA that you can drop, place in water and it will still work. It is the Archer.

I ran into an employee last month and learned they make the Archer PDA. My brother and his shooting buddy wanted more info so I passed it on, and figured you all may want to know as well.

Web info on the Archer, Juniper Systems: Products - Archer Ultra Rugged PDA , and a You tube link that someone posted a review of the Archer, YouTube - Review: Juniper Systems Archer Field PC

I may be behind in learning about this PDA, but wanted to pass it on so you all would have the info if wanted.

I spoke with a salesman today on my bitter cold walk and learned the price for the archer without Blue Tooth is $1,495.00.

The salesman is e-mailing me more information about the Archer, it you want it I can forward it onto you. Feel free to call and talk to them I was put through to a live person and the wait time was 30 seconds or less.
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