AR Whitetail


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Aug 28, 2009
Finally got back home to hunt and got a decent 8 this morning. The shot was 1,020 yards, give or take 1,000. :D Mr. Eichelle would be proud; it was shot with an A-Bolt 308, factory Winchester 150 gr Ballistic Silvertips. Dropped on the spot. No kicking, no twitching, nothing. Just dead. I'll hopefully get out a few more days this year, but if I don't, at least I won't be skunked for the year! gun)

I live in Benton county and there are lots of big bucks around.. I get lucky a few times a year.. congrats on your suck.. we should get together for a hog, deer or duck hunt sometime this season. I might be a Benton county cop but I am no Fed officer.. so your secret is safe with me.... lol
I live in Benton county and there are lots of big bucks around..

I live near the Cabot area. I have been looking for a good place/camp to hunt if you know of any shoot me a message. I had good luck opening day but not crap after that. I was at a buddy's camp but don't think I will be envited back because I shot the two biggest bucks they have kill in several years, and they were just nice deer!:D
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