AR bullets for a 5.56


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Mar 23, 2005
What's the highest BC bullet that'll work in the mag? Any way to get more mag length, such as the discontinued DPMS vld mag? Load data?

Thanks for the help!
Most of the mag-length 75/77gr pills will probably work about as well as anything. I'm not sure they have that much zoot over the 69gr pills; it gets back to the balance between higher BC/ lower speed vs. lower BC / higher speed.
I have tried handloading Berger and the 70gr bullet worked well but I could never get the 75gr to work even after I cut a slot out of the front panel of the magazine. I too would like to get my hands a DPMS magazine.
Hornady's 75bthp (Amax without the tip) seems the highest BC that'll fit in the mag at .395. I would like to know why DPMS discontinued the VLD mag. Seems a good idea. I suspect some of the polymer mags may have a bit more length due to not needing to overlap metal for spot welds.
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