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SOLD/EXPIRED APS Heavy Tactical 338 AX for sale


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Jan 18, 2008
Dixie, WV
APS Heavy Tactical 338 AX ... SOLD PF

Hey guy's I gonna let this go. It would make someone one fine rifle. No wait this close to hunting season, ready to go.

Since I have my 338 Allen Mag coming gun)and recently got my 7mm Allen Mag in:). I really dont need 3 long range rifles.

I have put about 150 rounds threw it, 100 of them were fireforming loads.
The bolt knob was broke off during shipping. I simply drilled out the remaing thread stub, tapped the hole, and reattached the knob. The only way you can tell is the teflon is missing about .015" wide around where the knob meets the bolt.

Selling as is with dies and 100 fireformed pieces of brass, $4200.00 shipped to your FFL. If its is a pick up or meeting delivery I have the 8lbs keg of powder to go with it.

Here is the link to all of the specs when Kirby listed it.



For looking

[email protected]
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I have no idea how it happened, It was like that when I opened the box when I got it home from the post office...
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I haven't posted here in a long time but I read a lot of things on these forums. I have been looking for a 338 for a long time but didn't want a long barrel. I have 2 GAP rifles and I have a 788 collection (call me nuts!!) this rifle seemed to be what I was looking for in a package. My wife finally gave the go ahead to buy the rifle. I thought I was going to need Vince to talk with her and convince her this was the way to go.

Should be a great shooter and Kirby replied to my e-mail and I hope he can make this a como edition.
Recieved the rifle on Friday and shot it yesterday....al I can say is WOW!!! What a awesome piece of equipment. Vince was great to deal with and my first 3 shots at 100 Yard were litteraly one ragged hole.

I will be streching it's legs once my powder gets here to load some more rounds.