Anyone try RL17 in the 300 RUM?


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Jul 16, 2008
Anyone test the performance of RL17 vs the slower powders? I had read a post that it was keeping up with RL25 and Retumbo with much lower powder charges just wanted to confirm its performance.
Maybe you read one of my posts. I used it with 180 E-Tips and gave the same velocity (3400 fps) as Retumbo and H1000 with less powder - 86 gr. I choose Retumbo because it used more powder and filled the case to near 100% which is what I like if I can get it.

You are probably right. I wanted to get some load info. My buddy wants me load him some 168 grain Etips and 200 grain accubonds and I remembered seeing a post somewhere using RL17.

How was your accuracy and consistency with velocity spreads. I thought if it has the same velocity and is accurate it might reduce recoil a bit less and even extend barrel life a little.

Quite frankley I am partial to RL17 after having tried it in my 06 and want to see how it performs in that big case.
I think the lighter the bullet you use, the more advantage you will get from RL17 if that's the route you want to go. I wouldn't bother using it with the 200 gr bullets but hey, you could always try it. I dont have enough confidence in my chrony to completely rely on what it tells me. I just use it as a rough refeerence. I was getting about the same accuracy as the other powders and it might be a whole different story in your rifle.

I would recommend in starting at 80 gr with the 168's and working up. My guess is you'll see max beteen 86 and 90 gr. Becareful because it seems to spike quick with the E-Tips in the RUM. I would go in 1/2 gr increments from 85 on up.

I wouldn't have a clue where to start with the 200's. If you can get someone with quickload to help you, they could probably get you a starting point. Otherwise, I would start with maybe 77.


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