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  • Hi,
    Saw your post on loads for the 300RUM I started. Thought a meet and greet was in order. I spend most of my time on my farm in Orofino, ID.Also have a home in Twin Falls, ID.. I spend the winter months after hunting and steelhead seasons are over.
    I shoot a custom 300RUM with a Rem. stainless action, Luther-Walther 30" barrel, Jewell trig., custom stock with 143/8" LOP, blue printed and cerakoted. Scope set up is Nightforce NXS-NP-1 and Warne rings.
    If you need some help in setting up loads, give me a shout as I've tried almost every type of powder and primer for this caliber you can buy. Right now the best load for my rifle with a 200 gr. Accubond is 93.2gr. of Retumbo with a Fed 215 primer. This gives me .314MOA average at 100 and .496MOA at 200. The best load I had with the 208 Hornandy was with 90.8gr of Retumbo. My 200 gr accubond load chronos at 3308fps. That is indicative of the 30" barrel.
    Craig Fisher
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