Anyone have a 7mm Dakota/LR 7mm?

Lee Owens

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May 28, 2001
McKinney, TX, USA
I have the parts to build a Heavy Gun and now I need a cartridge. I like the idea of a short .404 Jeffery launching 6.5 or 7mm bullets.

Can anyone here tell me about Dakota brass quality?

What High BC 7mm bullets do you like? On another 7mm post, someone asked Warren Jensen about a new, longer bullet that would have a BC of around .900. Anyone want to contribute to get a large lot of those made??

Thanks, Lee
I have a couple 7 Dakota's. The runout on the brass from the factory is bad. Usually measures 5 to 8 before initial resizing. I sent some back to Dakota Arms and their response was that they were able to load and shoot 1/3 inch groups or something like that with the batch that I sent back.

I shoot well with Hornady's 162 grain A-max but I am looking for a high bc bullet with jacket thickness more like the Sierra MK. The A-max killed 4 deer for me last year at ranges from 525 to 690 yards. All one shot kills but one was not recovered until later and I think I hit it off by a couple inches. Clipped the rear shoulder bone, probably.

Yes, I would go in on a group purchase of a 900 bc LRB hunting bullet.
Thank you for the information. From what you and others say, it sounds like Dakota brass is "hit or miss".

The gun I will have built will be legal for 1kBR Heavy Gun. I would like to do some extreme-range target shooting as well. (Not hunting; I don't have the experience)

I want something different. I want to try a LR 7mm and have it built to use LRB's solids.
What do you think of a 7mm WSM?

This is from a post on a thread called "7mm Ultra". This was originally posted by Speedbump:
"I E-mailed back & forth a little with an illustrious member here - Warren Jensen. He has a 162 7mm (.788) that looks intriguing. He also was kind enough to crunch some numbers when asked regarding a theoretical 180 in his state-of-the-art contstruction. He estimates it would be near (gasp) .900 BC!!! It would need a 1:7" twist to stabilize it, but hmmmm........a .900 BC bullet leaving the muzzle at 3,300+ fps....
the possiblities.

I need to ask Warren who builds barrels to his specs.
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