Anybody Ever used T5010!?!

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    Dec 31, 2010
    A couple months back I met a gentleman at work that was a long time bench rest shooter and we began to talk about a custom build I have in the works right now which is a 338 raptor and he asked what powder I plan on using and I told him my plan is to try h50 bmg first. He then told me he had a pound and a half of t5010 I could have because he had no use for it and its similar in burn rate to 50 bmg. So he gave me the powder and Ive never heard of t5010 and I can't find anything on this powder so I'm sure it's been discontinued for a while and I don't want to work up a load for my 338 raptor with a powder ill probably never be able to find so my plan is to try it in my 338 lapua. Any thoughts on this I'm sure someone on this site has used t5010! Any input is welcome and appreciated!!
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    May 13, 2012
    5010 is a good powder but I'd steer clear of the Talon stuff. Some of it didn't have the nitric acid neutralized properly and will degrade whenever it wants to. I had a couple of kegs of it and had to use one for lawn fertilizer; it just went bad too quick.

    My advice is to load it similar to H50bmg but start a bit further down ( since it is mil-surp) and shoot it up. Don't use it for sitting around loads.