Any SUPER SINPER scope advice?

The SS is an excellent scope at an exceptionally good price. About 110 MOA of internal elevation adjustment, fully multicoated optics, etched glass reticle, and 1/4 MOA target knobs.

I like the 16x version, because I think 10x is not enough and 20x is a bit too much.

Don't buy the 'M' version, which gets you the side focus parallax knob. It was somewhat problem prone, vs. the regular version (with parallax adjustment at the rear/ocular lens, where the magnification ring would be on a variable scope). The regular version is $300.

Save the money from your budget and buy a set of good rings, a tapered base, and a bunch of ammo to practice.
I had the chance to use a SS in the 10x and 20x , the 10x seemed to be a decient scope the 20 had some noticable bluring at the edges and was not to clear. Personaly I would go for the Bushnell Tactical 10x if you budget is tight.

But if you can spend the extra money I have seen that Brownells has the IOR Valdada in 4-14x50mm , these scopes are a great deal for the money and in my oppinion are far better than any Leo's in the same price range and 14x should be plenty magnification for any rages the 270WSM is capible of.
Oh the price list for $725 and the dealer cost list for $613.
I have one of the 'old' SS10x42's, circa 1998 or so (back when they cost a bit more than they do now). Thing is a tank. This winter I picked up a 16x model, because as Nate mentioned, 10x sometimes just isn't enough for little targets at longer ranges. Bill Wylde was kind enough to answer my emails about the 20x models; apparently he's used them w/ some success in Canadian Long Range matches and had no problems. Unfortunately by the time he answered, I'd already pulled the trigger on a 16x model. It seems to be as nice as the 10x model so far.

One thing I'd recommend based on my experiences: pull the turret caps off, clean the little O-rings inside, relube them w/ some O-ring grease (hardware or auto store should have some) and put the turrets back on. Repeat about once a year or as needed. Some people recommend just tossing the O-rings altogether (unless you plan on fording rivers and braving sandstorms w/ your rig), but on mine the turrets are almost too easy to turn w/o the friction of the O-rings.


I live in the desert. I'm not too worried about rain getting into my nitrogen filled scope, so I removed the o-rings under the turret caps. On the 16x it was the right thing to do because I could barely feel the clicks. I will be putting them back into my 10x though because the adjustment is too sensitive and I hate having to dial the elevation back into the right spot every time I bump the knob.

When I got the scopes I tested them by shooting a five shot group and then moving the group to zero at 100 yards. I have a target I like to shoot that is made up of five one-inch dots arranged like on dice and printed on a grid of ¼ inch squares. I shot one round into the center dot, then adjusted the windage and elevation the appropriate number of clicks to put the next round in the upper left corner while still sighting on the center dot. I placed one round in each dot this way, and then continued until I had five rounds in each dot. Twenty-five rounds later I had five shots in each dot, proving that the adjustments were truly ¼ MOA and that they repeated and returned to zero.

I agree that the side parallax adjustment isn't as robust as the rear adjustment, and I never have had any problem reaching back just a bit farther to adjust it anyway.
If you want a 30mm scope, the SS is the best buy today. Optics are better then average but you can get some that have pretty blurry edges. My experience with the 20x was bad but 10 and 16X have been good. Don't bother with the side focus parallax. Money wasted.

For less money, but a very good scope, the Elite 3200 10X is superb. In many ways, a better scope then the Leupolds for way less money.

I have one SS 10x mounted on my FAL. Nice package, but to be honest, I expected much better glass. No comparison in clarity and accuity to even a Leupold VariX II. So far, a good scope for the intended purpose
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